May 12, 2010

MythTV 0.23 on Mac OS X Update

I've been neglecting my mythtv builds. Mainly because I've stopped using mythtv for various reasons that I won't go into here. I still have a soft spot for myth and when I read that 0.23 was released a little while back I decided to go see if 0.23 builds and sure if enough it did!

For now, I've put up manually built .dmg of 0.23-fixes and will automate that to run every few days or so. I'll try to do the same for 0.22-fixes.

As for the nightlies, I'll see if those will start working again, since 0.23-fixes built with no issues, I'll cross my fingers. Hopefully, they'll start showing up over the next week or so as well!

FIXES Builds

Lastly, if some is actually reading this, can you let me know if these builds actually work? I do not currently have a backend to test or verify with.